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Postmortem Examination In Poultry

Course gives an overview with deep knowledge about the most important postmortem lesions, the common hazards that may occur during such procedure, and the possible methods of controlling them. It also discusses the common zoonotic avian diseases with basi

Course Details

Session I Introduction to P.M examination (Objectives, hazards, procedure)

Session II General background about avian anatomy.

Session III Practical workshop on P.M. examination

Session I introduction to P.M Examination (Objectives, Hazards, Procedure)

Session II General background about avian Anatomy.

Session III Practical Workshop On P.M. Examination

  • Number of lectures 2
  • Number of hours 01:39:15

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Amr Badr

Amr Badr

  • Manager of research and development in Green LEAF company for poultry feed production.
  • Veterinary Inspector of poultry breeder farm at Dakahlia Company.
  • Veterinarian at many rabbit Farms.

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